Monday, 16 May 2011

what does richard dawkins dream about at night?

first things first, fuck richard dawkins.  that 'atheist' prick loves to quote evolutionary biology and look down on religious groups, all the while with a smug, shit-eating grin on his face. he's such an obvious troll and goes nowhere with his arguements.

now i'm not saying he's wrong in any way, praying to a god is just as useful as bowling with no arms, try as hard as you may, the one time you knock down a pin isn't a sign to keep on truckin'.  but the way i see it, he's just trying to checkmate theism's view of evolution so he can sleep better at  night (complete with aforementioned smug, shit-eating grin).

this brings me to someone of credible authority, who we can all (hopefully) agree that has some solid points and is a general all around genius:

Stephen Hawking

the man has contributed so much to his fields of theoretical physics and the entire scientific community, i mean hell, just take a glance at his awards and credentials sections on wikipedia.
here you'll note that not only did he earn his degrees (dawkins receives honorary degrees on the reg.), but he receives awards that actually MEAN something. dohoho richard dawkins atheist of the year, congrats...

so when he goes all out and says
heaven is a fairy tale, for the weakminded
i feel more inclined to believe him (and so should you) than someone who sits in a chair and says "religion is a farce because derp, evolution is real, checkmate atheists" (keep in mind this chessgame may as well be with toddlers).  hawking has dealt with insurmountable odds his entire life, and look at the shit he's accomplished.  CPH over at 365 reasons to kill yourself might argue that if you can't pull the shit hawkings done, you may as well go ahead and kill yourself right now.

not only is stephen hawking not afraid of death, but he has more intelligence in one of his immobile pinkies than dawkins has in his entire body, nuff said.

just my two cents, but hey, the canadian dollar is worth more than the american, so more like 2.0265 cents,  well, it was..

as a parting gift to say thankyou for reading my ramblings, i thought i'd leave you with a chill track to bring down your rage towards dawkins and non-educated atheists the world over, enjoy!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

manchester orchestra... continued

i got some positive comments regarding the manchester orchestra song i posted, so i thought i'd toss another one to you guys, another one of their FUCKING FANTASTIC tracks from simple math, performed live on letterman last thursday.

the death of originality, or what i thought about while levelling a massive backyard all day

so yesterday ( or earlier today, this damn time zone change has messed me up ) i mentioned that No Strings Attached, the new Ashton Kutcher film carried similar plot points to When Harry Met Sally.  today i realized i'd been catching hollywood quite frequently at their horrible frankenstein-like mashups of movies these days. 

i mean there's the horribly obvious "pocahontas-in-space" that was Avatar, and then the straight up remake of Spy Kids 3D that was Tron: Legacy (yes i'm dead fucking serious MAJOR plot point synchonicity, also if you didn't catch at the very LEAST the first spy kids you're missing out).  and those are just two of the many i'm sure i could come up with if i spent more than two minutes thinking about it.

so what the hell happened? obviously somewhere along the line where sequels became notorious for being wayyy worse than the originals, the stereotype stuck.  i feel like it's come to the point where i'll end up KNOWING the film i'm about to view is terrible ( a sequel ) but i'm oddly at peace with it.

i am but a humble, little followed blogger at the moment, but hopefully i can get the word out to more than just my social group about the OBVIOUS rip-offs we're paying so much to see these days.

i mentioned No Strings Attached, Avatar, and Tron : legacy, am i missing any? let me know if you've noticed similar trends in movies, hell, even TV shows, and just exactly how you feel about it.

(also watch the spy kids movies ha-ha)

Friday, 13 May 2011

i can`t believe i`m doing this...

welcome to my blog!  words i never thought i`d have to type together in a sentence, nonetheless, i have and there`s no going back.  let`s embark on a journey crutching on the hilariously popular way of communicating to a wide audience that i`ll like never meet or see, but will grow to love unconditionally (that's up to you, folks).

hopefully over time i can learn to lose my cynicism and bow down to the all knowing god(s?) that is the blogosphere.

then again... maybe not.