Monday, 14 January 2013

a short story - "perffect" - part 1

he's there again

it didn't take much to wake Sam at night, for every dream he inevitably fell into was just as tenuous as his grip on reality.
this time when he woke from his often punctuated slumber, he decided to take action.

sliding from his bed silently, Sam found his way to his shuttered window.
as he angled himself to see out the blind without being noticed, he heard the familiar scrape of a cheap metal folding chair.

>every morning that awful scraping waking him up in the early twilight had changed his biological clock, he managed to awaken just prior to the mysterious arrival early on.

peering out the corner of the shutters, Sam saw the folding chair, and a being garbed entirely in black clothing, to Sam's unadjusted eyes, it often just looked like an empty chair.

>he'd only noticed the presence of the visitor after a fairly provocative political message had been sprayed on the buildings parallel to his own.  not shy to admit his agreement with the quite expansive work that had seemingly popped up overnight, Sam took a photo and uploaded it to the internet.

backing away from the window the still silent Sam searched for the spotlight he had purchased specifically for this purpose, and found his way back to the window.

>the political message had remained up for weeks, it was surprising no-one had done anything about it, despite Sam's condolences, it was still a very controversial topic.  Sam saw interest in the photo skyrocket online, it was being re-posted and discussed at length all over the message boards and discussion forums.

sidling back up to the window Sam slid his binoculars and prepared to aim the floodlight right where he recalled the chair to be.  pulling back the shutters with the vengeance of many lost nights' sleep, Sam leveled his light and held his binoculars firmly to his face.  without skipping a beat he located the empty chair at breakneck speed, and his disappointment was overcome by shock when he noticed a new politically motivated message had popped up.  sighing a heavy breath of surprised relief, Sam sat back down on his bed, wondering if he had really wanted to see the artist's face.

the next morning, Sam woke up, and peered semi-cautiously through his blinds to admire the new message, when for the second time he was shocked at what he found:  the message had disappeared, though the folding chair remained.

scratching his head and walking over to his fridge, Sam tried to remember the message, but couldn't come up with anything.  it was only when he drifted off into sleep that night he faintly recalled the message, but was unable to decipher the message before drifting off:

                                                           " KEEP WATCH "