Friday, 26 April 2013

'WARS: from your bedroom to your workplace, an in-depth review of the wars plaguing modern society'

It's disparaging to see the state of society these days, we live in a world where we are so coddled by our governments that we follow the wars that they deem important for us to view, and not other, perhaps even more important wars.

as it stands we live in a superposition of 'war'
we're in wars, and not yet in wars at the same time! this is the stuff that shatters paradigms people!

and we also have so many definitions of the word 'war' that we should basically assume there's a war on the very fabric of our syntax,

we're in a society where we've got 'traditional' wars, which played out exactly how Lord of the Rings did
(the governments are trying to keep that one a secret, but we're onto you).

but if you're reading this right now, you know, and probably all too forlornly (FOR ISENGAARD), that the time of traditional war is over, and you might not be able to handle what comes next.

over the next few posts I will be focusing on the 'wars' we face in current society, from the well known in-your-face type wars to the more discrete wars.  I will also attempt to prove that we may just have opened the can of worms a bit too early, and that we may soon reach the 'singularity' of imminent wars.