Saturday, 14 May 2011

the death of originality, or what i thought about while levelling a massive backyard all day

so yesterday ( or earlier today, this damn time zone change has messed me up ) i mentioned that No Strings Attached, the new Ashton Kutcher film carried similar plot points to When Harry Met Sally.  today i realized i'd been catching hollywood quite frequently at their horrible frankenstein-like mashups of movies these days. 

i mean there's the horribly obvious "pocahontas-in-space" that was Avatar, and then the straight up remake of Spy Kids 3D that was Tron: Legacy (yes i'm dead fucking serious MAJOR plot point synchonicity, also if you didn't catch at the very LEAST the first spy kids you're missing out).  and those are just two of the many i'm sure i could come up with if i spent more than two minutes thinking about it.

so what the hell happened? obviously somewhere along the line where sequels became notorious for being wayyy worse than the originals, the stereotype stuck.  i feel like it's come to the point where i'll end up KNOWING the film i'm about to view is terrible ( a sequel ) but i'm oddly at peace with it.

i am but a humble, little followed blogger at the moment, but hopefully i can get the word out to more than just my social group about the OBVIOUS rip-offs we're paying so much to see these days.

i mentioned No Strings Attached, Avatar, and Tron : legacy, am i missing any? let me know if you've noticed similar trends in movies, hell, even TV shows, and just exactly how you feel about it.

(also watch the spy kids movies ha-ha)


  1. i loved avatar and tron.

  2. not saying they were terrible, more saying WHERE IS THE ORIGINALITY FOLKS?

  3. I feel the exact same way about modern movies. It seems all film makers do these days is take on old story and then dress it up with new characters and special effects.

    As for where the originality is, I suspect it has run away from hollywood and is now hiding in arthouse and foreign films..

  4. Great blog! Keep the good stuff comming.

  5. It's sad to think about some of those movies making more money than most people...their entire lives...

  6. 'i am but a humble, little followed blogger at the moment' hahah, i lol'd irl - following ;D

  7. man this is so true....i agree.