Wednesday, 20 February 2013

the uphill battle of stupidity on facebook

some days it's hard to feel like there's anything good left in the world, and then you get on facebook and realize that there are a few good things left, but they're diminishing pretty rapidly.

facebook was founded on a principle,
i'm not entirely sure what principle, as the endless debate of Facebook privacy issues seems to placate the masses.  every now and then a quick nod is tossed to privacy concerns by a few citizen watchdogs who duly inspect Facebook's policy with caution and their fingers ready to spam post their unwitting 'friends' with notices every now and again, but the issue has evolved and no one has noticed.

for every 'like' companies like McDonalds gets, for every comment they get on their inane questions and absurd photos, they profit.  you've spent your leisure time promoting a companies grasp on you when you associate your name with their group, they can pull any information you've left mistakenly unsecured and use it to sell to other marketing companies, or worse.

i propose the next time you see a post from a company on Facebook with a question that needn't even be asked, or a photo that's posted specifically for it's ability to fulfill the old adage "a picture's worth 1000 words", maybe take some time, and spend that time doing something productive, like watching porn, or gambling on online casinos.

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